Live with Grace


Diary Excerpts of Laxya Tokas -An Honourable Tribute

Alumni Batch 2017-18

I have seen the sun

give light to the world.

I have seen the poet

give depth to the word.

But I have seen the sun

drink water from our seas.

What the poet takes from us

is what we still can’t see.

I have seen the moon

give beauty to dark.

I have seen music,

give courage to the stark.

But I have seen the moon

borrow light from the sun.

and I have seen music,

give courage to deaf, none.

I have seen a teacher

shine light upon this world.

I have seen the teacher

give meaning to those words.

I have seen the teacher

take nothing in return.

I have seen the teacher

love children like her son.

God’s most wonderful

creation is a teacher indeed.

To respect a teacher’s knowledge

is the greatest of all deeds.

The Special Unique

By Mehak Shahi

Class XD

She’s just another city girl like you; hated by all and loved by few…

She has made her body of steel to veil her gold heart;

boldness in her thoughts embarks a new start.

Now amongst all the stars.. she’s determined to be number one..;

not passive like the moon but radiant like the sun..

Father-My Ever Supporting Lifeline

By Shreyansh Sood

Class X B

Whenever I ask my mother to make a purchase for me,

To make my life

Full of delight and hue.

She replies,” Why to refer a debit card,

When you have a father as bank besides you.

He helps me learn how to make line from dot,

And only for me

He fights against all odd.

When spending time with him

I get huge delight,

When my heart is heavy

His support makes me feel light.

He gives me attention

On my first call,

And during my adolescence

He is my great paul.

When I do something wrong

My father gives me a scold,

But he loves me still


When I am too old.

Growing Up

By Deepanshu Gupta

School Alumni (Batch 2014)

You know what the best part about your childhood was ? It was a dream, an aspiration you carried, not just within you but it reflected in your personality, in every act of yours. The very moment you decide to grow up and you do, that dream somewhat dies. Or maybe you can say it gets hidden or buried somewhere deep inside you.

You no longer want to be an astronaut, because you know that’s gonna be tough for you. You no longer are fascinated by the white coats doctors wear, because you know it’ll take another decade if you decide to be one. And you, you think you don’t have that much time. You don’t want to be a teacher anymore. Because it will pay you a a bit less than others. How ironical it is. Don’t you remember the days you played this game, the one in you used to act as a teacher and play with your stuff toys with the only dream in your eyes to be a teacher. You no longer want to be a police officer because you think they’re corrupt. Did you really forget the times you used to salute them when you saw them from your school bus ? Or the times you used to say ‘ Be the change you want to see in world’.

But now, now you’ve grown up. Something else is on your mind. Gone are the days when worldly possessions didn’t mean anything for you. Gone are the days when the only money you wanted was the one in game of monopoly. Gone are the days when you wanted a treehouse and a remote control car. Because now, you’ve grown up. Materialism has replaced the innocence and aspirations within you. Now you want to earn, no matter what. You’re much more satisfied in being a sales executive if it pays you more. More than what your dreams were. You’re satisfied with a Bachelor’s and an MBA if it takes less time to start your career. Less than what it would have taken had you continued your dream to reach stars.

Oh ! I forgot about this completely. Whenever they asked us in school what do you want to become when you grow up and the answer that was most common ‘ I want to be a good person first’. Such a big lie it was. The first thing we do after we grow up is to loose all the goodness and innocence we used to carry with us. Yeah see around yourself. How much and what good you’ve done to anyone since you’ve grown up. I bet you can’t mention as few as five of such instances. That’s life, perhaps. But I have also learnt that though it is difficult but being HONEST is the only way to a a perfect life.

Yet, the biggest of all dreams we had in our childhood was to ‘grow up’.